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Therapeutic all-natural self-care products elevating livelihoods across the planet.

What our Members Say

This stuff is the best for sore muscles after a long day in the mountains or even just a night relaxing at home after absolutely zero activity.

I have tried many other topical pain/discomfort ointments but this one is the best & I love the carefully crafted natural ingredients.

My experience with Pappy's has been nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for making a product that really works!

3 out of 3 Johnson boys in North Carolina now prefer Pappy's to other store-bought and home remedies they previously sought for pain relief. And if you've ever even had 1 boy, well you know there's pain involved.

I love the look, smell, texture and slightly tingly relief sensation. I'll  use it regularly and will report the results.  This is an impressive undertaking.

I am on my feet all day & usually in pain & I am overly active between very physically taxing construction & landscaping, then wrestling with the kids. I honestly look forward to getting home & drowning myself in this Pappy's salve after a hot shower.

Once again Pappy's has come to the rescue. I strained my shoulder in class yesterday and it hurt whenever I would move my arm. Two applications of Pappy's & it feels so much better. THANK YOU!!

I’m using Pappy's Feels Good all day and Feeling Good again on all that ails me. On my neck, my shoulders and knees. Thanks again for all your alchemy work Pappy!

Great hand salve for the solar farmer's knuckles.