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At BPAPPY LLC we seek to empower change and make purposeful business decisions. From responsible sourcing, and carbon neutrality we will work every day towards an equitable future. We also believe in empowering creators which is why we will recognize all images and videos used on this website that were produced by artists other than us. 

At BPAPPY LLC we have taken a number of steps already including sourcing fair for life ingredients, using solar energy in the production process, and making everything in small batches to preserve quality and freshness. We aim to dedicate ourselves everyday to aligning with this vision and acknowledge that with attentive and intentional effort we will make progress towards our goals.

What follows is a list of our sources. If you have ideas or comments to share that can help make us better please contact us at 


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Packaging is our #1 challenge at BPAPPY LLC. We aim to find solutions that are good for People and Planet, to align with companies that share this vision, and to be changemakers of the packaging industry. We are taking a look at four areas; the metal packaging that Pappy's comes in, the label material and ink used, the packaging we use to ship Pappy's to your door, and achieving carbon neutrality amongst all these processes. We recognize this challenge to be ongoing and one that will take perseverance every day to achieve our goals. Most importantly we want you to be inspired to choose our products because of our quest for a more equitable and sustainable supply chain and creating high quality products.

Shipping: Your CO2 shipping emissions are offset entirely with the support of the work of Pachama. We use the 'Offset' App to determine the calculations. Offset is currently funding the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project with Pachama.

Our continued quest is to include other ways to offset shipping emissions by supporting renewable energy projects globally and sharing a portion of your purchase with organizations like 1% for the Planet.

Packaging: BPAPPY LLC products ship to your door in a packaging envelope made from 100% post consumer waste paper. The family owned company we purchase from Davis Industrial Packaging & Supply is right here in Denver. The ink we use to write your address on the envelope is bio-based and the pen housing is recyclable. We are excited about the recent announcement of the world's first compostable and edible ink marker and will be implementing these markers in the company as soon as we can purchase.

What's next to work on, the sticker label that the USPS puts on your packaging. That is an uphill battle but we want you to feel comfortable to safely put your envelope in your next campfire or recycle it w/o worry of harmful off gassing and leaching toxins.

Containers: So when we seek out suppliers for our containers there are many considerations we are evaluating on the checklist. Currently we are using recycled metal tins for Pappy's. We will be adding soon a Paper based push up container for both Pappy's and some new collections to our line. The container industry is massive and finding the right company that aligns with our values and the feeling of excellence we aim to bring to you is our constant work. That supplier evaluation checklist includes:

  1. Their use of environmentally safe and healthy materials
  2. Materials are designed for recycling or composting at end of life
  3. Manufacturing must make use of renewable energy and carbon management
  4. Water stewardship
  5. Social fairness
  6. The container is durable and safe, protecting the product from contamination by external agents.
  7. The container preserves the aroma and quality of the product.
  8. The feeling of luxury that the container creates blended together with the style and prestige of the product.

Labels: Currently our labels are produced by a company that gives back to the community through efforts such as Feed the Children and City of Hope. They also have designed a line of environmentally friendly labels that are made of 100% recycled material, are processed chlorine free and offers recyclable adhesives. Currently we are not able to print directly with them on these labels (there is only a print at home option) and we are working to encourage the company to provide this service to customers so that bulk printing makes business sense. 

Our aim is to be using labeling that is 100% biodegradable and printed with harmless inks and adhesives. When choosing a supplier we evaluate durability, cost effectiveness, company ethos and of course the constituents of the label. We look forward to making the transition soon to a label that aligns fully with our values.