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Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Olá. Salam. Namastē. Marhaba.

Who We Are

Hi, I'm Matthew Founder and Visionary behind BPAPPY LLC and the Pain Relief Salve we call Pappy's. The Idea for Pappy's was really first born in 1998 when a close friend gave me some essential oils to treat a head cold. You know that feeling of belief you get when something works so magically and quickly. I was sold on the idea of using plants to heal common ailments. In fact I became so obsessed with the healing properties of plants that I studied every medical book on essential oils I could find, spent hours in the lab experimenting with different blends and synergies and eventually discovered something important about myself.

Empowering each other to feel good, be happy, healthy and performing at our best whatever that is for each of us was a purpose I wanted to to pursue.

I eventually started a company dedicated to healing emotional and physical ailments with therapeutic essential oils. I learned a lot during that time and fueled a passion that sticks with me today. After a while I put the company on hold to pursue my career in solar energy education which I have been doing for the past 16+ years.

Along the way I met my wife Alexis who opened my eyes to the time-honored healing traditions of Chinese medicine. That feeling of belief from 1998 came back to me and I especially resonated with the teachings and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine
which speaks to empowering people with a way to unite body, mind, and spirit—the foundation for lasting, authentic health. 

Fast forward in the story to 2018 (WOW! that's 20 years from the beginning of this story). At this point I have become an avid gardener, a solar professional, an at-home user of essential oils and maker of soaps and creams. By this time in history the healing properties of Hemp or CBD had been re-kindled in the minds of everyone, in fact as you are probably aware CBD products have become very popular and prevalent from coast to coast. I have been a long time believer in the healing properties of hemp and so naturally I became curious about making my own hemp based products for personal use.

So I set out combining all my interests, sourcing a young hemp plant from a local organic farm, planting it in my garden and nurturing it through harvest. Throughout the summer as the hemp plant was growing I began to wonder, could it be possible to create a pain relief salve with CBD that was lower cost then many products we see on the market. They just seemed so expensive.

I took this challenge head on and developed a recipe, sourced high quality ingredients and began testing. My curiosity opened me up to understand all the intricacies and costs associated to making such a high quality and effective product with CBD as the main healing ingredient. I must say the CBD salve I created worked incredibly well. I am an active person and play contact sports, and the stuff worked great! I started to give out samples to my soccer mates and they were seeing results. My fire to empower people to be healthy and at their best started to reignite and I began to follow that fire to its source. I sat with myself and was reminded of my past and the healing properties of essential oils. I said OK, I have proven time and time again that I can heal the body from pain with essential oils and I think I can make the same salve for less cost than the version with CBD.

By now you know the pattern. I went back to the kitchen (thank you Alexis) and began testing and comparing a version with CBD versus one with Chinese herbs and essential oils. By combining the Chinese herbs with the essential oils I was able to achieve results and at a lower cost. That was exciting to me and rewarding to go through the process of proving my intuition correct and developing a product from a business owner perspective. So there I was just a curious hobbyist and not so sure that starting a business was a path to take...

...until one day my soccer mate texted me and said " Hey man, you got anymore of that Pappy's feels good, feeling good again all day salve, I'm all out?"

Now being that I have performed as an improvisational comedian over the years I appreciated the on the spot from the top of mind description Scott presented. In a way he was speaking truth to the moment and what he had experienced using my salve (or he was just being his goofy self). That was inspiring to me either way and in that moment I was convinced and I said, I am doing this and we are going to call this salve Pappy's. For the next year I got to work on all aspects of bringing the business of BPAPPY LLC and our healing products to you. I am proud of what we have created and feel grounded in seeking to create an everyday good life for all of our members.

I believe ventures like these that are about people, community and well-being should be grounded in purpose and an embodiment of everything that you do. If this story resonates with you thank you for aligning with the idea that we can all be smiling, happy, healthy and strong humans. What follows is a little more on what drives us at BPAPPY LLC.